What We Believe

The Historic Christian Faith

We believe in the historic truths of gospel as they have been maintained by Christian Church. This includes the basic principles set forth in the creeds of the early church, such as the doctrine of the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and the Creation. As a Reformed Church, we are also committed to the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation, including justification by faith alone and the Five Points of Calvinism. Consequently, we also maintain the confessions of the Reformed Churches and defend the truths set forth in them. Our official doctrinal standards are available under Confessions.

The Importance of True Doctrine

True doctrine has always been essential to the Christian Church. The truth of the Gospel must be maintained against false doctrine. In many evangelical Christian churches, including Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, the errors of Arminianism and Liberalism have made great inroads. Over against these false doctrines, we maintain the Sovereignty of God in all things. Moreover, the truth is of utmost importance for the comfort and assurance of the believer, and that truth is contained in Christian doctrine.

The Importance of Biblical and Reverent Worship

Throughout the Bible, the worship of God is set forth as something to be taken seriously. Although many Churches introduce their own inventions into the worship of God, we must worship God as he has commanded in the Bible. This affects both the practices of the Church and our spiritual attitude. We strive to worship God according to the Bible and maintain a reverent atmosphere.

The Importance of a Godly Walk of Life

We believe that Christians ought to live a sanctified life out of gratitude to God for salvation. Positively, this means that we are called to love God and our neighbor in our whole life. Negatively, this involves living in spiritual separation from world and rejection of sin. This sanctified life involves a spiritual battle against sin in all areas of life.