The Christian Life

The life of a Christian in this world is one of both joy and suffering. On the one hand the Christian can rejoice, because his sins are forgiven and he begins to live according to the God's word. It is also a life of trial, since the Christian must still struggle against sin and live in a world that is full of sin. The pamphlets and articles in this section address specific issues in the Christian life from both positive and negative viewpoints.

Two of these pamphlets deal with the struggles faced by the Christian on a basic level. Our Only Comfort addresses the comfort that a believer can find in Christ in life and death. Good News for the Afflicted deals with joy and trial in a series of very short meditations.

Several of the remaining pamphlets deal with antithetical issues and specific sins. The Family: Foundations are Shaking deals with the institution of the family from a Reformed perspective, particularly the many assaults which this institution faces today. The Christian and Culture discusses the relationship between the Christian and culture in general terms, including the effects of sin and grace. Judging: The Christian's Duty discusses tolerance and the question of when, why, and how a Christian must judge sin as he sees it in the world and in himself.