Doctrinal Issues

The articles and pamphlets on this page deal with specific doctrinal issues. In particular, they focus on the Five Points of Calvinism as opposed to Arminianism. In addition, several pamphlets deal with differences among Reformed churches regarding the doctrine of the covenant.

Three of the pamphlets are shorter and are directed toward those who are new to the Reformed faith and who are interested in learning more. Knowing the True God and Saved by Grace contain a basic introduction to the Christian faith as it is taught in Reformed churches. God so Loved the World deals with a specific passage, John 3:16, which is frequently quoted and often misinterpreted.

There are two lengthy pamphlets addressing Calvinism and the doctrine of predestination in particular. These are God's Sovereignty in Salvation and Predestination: The Heart of the Gospel. Both of these pamphlets address the issue in a broader context, addressing a reader from an evangelical background.

Genesis 1-11: Myth or History? deals with the question of the doctrine of creation. This issue is more and more prevalent, as many churches allow for some form of theistic evolution.

There are two pamphlets dealing with the doctrine of the covenant. They address the issues that separate the Protestant Reformed Churches from other Reformed denominations. The Covenant: God's Tabernacle with Men provides an overview of the subject and introduces the issue for those who are less familiar with the doctrine of the covenant. As to Conditions: An Exposition From The Confessions deals with a conditional covenant and addresses the question of whether it is consistent with the Reformed faith in great detail.