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Since 2008 recordings of our sermons have been available for download. You can search our database below. All sermons are available as streamed .m3u files or as .mp3 downloads.

The sermons in the database include only the sermon itself, not the entire worship service. Audio downloads of last week's entire morning and evening service are available in both streaming and download form via the following links: AM streaming (.m3u), AM download (.mp3), PM streaming (.m3u), PM download (.mp3).


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9-13-2015 PMRev. John MarcusAbstaining from Fleshly Lusts1 Peter 2:11-12ListenDownload
9-13-2015 AMRev. John MarcusGod's Fatherly HandIsaiah 45:7ListenDownload
9-06-2015 PM Rev. John MarcusThe Fear of the LORDProverbs 1;7ListenDownload
9-06-2015 AMRev. John MarcusThe Fatherhood of GodEphesians 1:2-3ListenDownload
8-30-2015 PMRev. John MarcusJospeh Confessing His Faithful Covenant GodGenesis 49:29-50:26ListenDownload
8-30-2015 AMRev. John MarcusThe Saving Work of the triune God1 Peter 1:18-22ListenDownload
8-23-2015 PMRev. Thomas MiersmaA Heart That Seeks KnowledgeProverbs 15:14ListenDownload
8-23-2015 AMRev. Thomas MiersmaCommitting Our Works Unto the LordProverbs 16:3ListenDownload
8-16-2015 PmRev. John MarcusJacob Blessing Joseph's SonsGenesis 48:15-16ListenDownload
8-16-2015 AMRev. John MarcusSaving FaithJohn 6:69ListenDownload