First Protestant Reformed Church of Edmonton

About Us

Welcome to the website of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Edmonton. We are a Reformed church located in Edmonton, Alberta, and a member of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. We welcome visitors and encourage you to join us in worship on the Lord's Day.

What We Believe

We believe in the historic truths of gospel as they have been maintained by Christian Church. This includes the basic principles set forth in the creeds of the early church, such as the doctrine of the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and the Creation. As a Reformed Church, we are also committed to the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation, including justification by faith alone and the Five Points of Calvinism. Consequently, we also maintain the confessions of the Reformed Churches and defend the truths set forth in them. Links to our official doctrinal standards are available under the Confessions page.

Latest Sermons

We post recordings of our sermons on Sermon Audio. To listen to the latest sermons, follow the link below: